Martin Baker


I have always been very interested in photography and after hearing about The Photography Institute's Diploma In Professional Photography, I decided this was the perfect course for me! I work shift hours, so online learning was exactly what I needed! I have absolutely no regrets and am delighted with the course and with what I have learnt.

All of the course notes were very clearly and concisely written. From a non-technical point of view, I felt the course gave me a great range of knowledge regarding everything from copyright issues, compilation of portfolios, tips on finding work and insights into the realities of working in different areas of the photographic industry. From a technical point of view I can honestly say that the course provided me with all the information I had been seeking. I wanted to learn about ISO, aperture, lens types, filters, printers, Photoshop, image file types etc and I certainly did.

Submitting the online assignments was very easy. Assignments were marked in a very timely manner and the feedback from my tutor, professional Photographer- Ian Laker, was very detailed and encouraging. Furthermore, any contact that I made with the Student Support team was very useful and informative.

Overall, the course provided me with all of the information I was looking for. I would recommend the course to anybody interested in developing their photography interest and career. With the help of this course I have just set up my own landscape and outdoor photography business. I have also just signed a contract for my first photography exhibition and look forward to developing my career further.

This course is excellent and I strongly suggest that if you are considering a photography course you do this one. Regardless of how little you may feel you know, you will know a lot more after this course and your confidence will certainly increase.It will be one of the best photography decisions you will ever make!...

Kristina Katalynaite


It took me one year to finish this course. Though, I would have finished it in 3-4 months. The biggest enemy when studying was my own laziness. So for the future students I would like to say: ‘Find somebody to kick your butt, because the more you procrastinate, the less you learn and the less information stays in your head’. And one more thing – practice, practice and again practice. The more you practice the faster you learn.

I really enjoyed the course. The material was very useful and easy to read. My tutor was absolutely fantastic; always giving me advice and extra material on the areas I was weak. This course pushed me to start living the dream and not just dreaming about photography.

I learnt not just how to take good pictures but also how to start making money out of it. Now I have basic studio equipment and I photograph portraits. And from the feedback that I get from my models, I see that I’m getting better every day.

This is all because of this course. So thank you very much Photography Institute.

You’ve changed my life...

Lee Matthews


The course appeared as an ad. on my Facebook page so I took a browse through and after a day of thinking it over I took the plunge and went for the monthly payment option. My tutor Ian Laker introduced himself almost immediately and during the course hes was a mine of information and help. I also asked his personal advice on what he would use for a particular field of photography and he listed several items with pro's and con's he was a huge help and thank him for his time.

I started tom take in small photo jobs while on the course and by the time I had the course finished (6 months) my work had actually paid for the course and some equipment too. I have a better insight into how a camera actually sees light, I know my camera settings better now and it's almost like and extension of my arm. I am no longer fearful of the manual setting in fact it's never off there now. The course itself was well laid out and easy to follow, there are some areas that make you think and work for your diploma though so beware!It's not happy snapping, it's well informed photography designed to get you seeing like a camera and not a pair of eyes. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and made a lot of friends on the Institute's FB page too.

Looking forward to any further courses that may benefit me more.

Lee Matthews

James Mclaughlin


 For me this course offered so much knowledge in such a flexible way, that no other course had to offer. I was able to work the course around my job and other duties in life, which made it easier to take in each module at my own pace. I have always loved photography as a hobby and this course has helped me develop my hobby into a skill and hopefully some day a career. The course has taught me so much about the world of photography and showed me there is a lot more than just pointing and shooting.

 My tutor was there when needed and his knowledge and expertise was invaluable. I couldn't help but take on board all of his notes, as he broke everything down into simple terms. The support team were also quick with any questions I had along the way. I can't recommend this course enough as it has really giving me the knowledge to move closer to having my hobby as a career. From start to finish the whole course is broken down into easy to follow points and the twelve modules make the huge world of photography easy to grasp.

 The course has given me the skill and knowledge to take on some freelance work part time, this would not have been achievable without it. I now look for greater detailed images and things I never knew existed, allowing me to build my confidence and skill as a photographer. I still have a long way to go but this course has put me on the right path with the right skills in the world of photography.

 If you are passionate about photography as a career or a hobby this course will benefit you...

Voicu Duma


Type 'digital photography course' into Google and hit the search button and hundreds of results come up. So how do you know which one to choose? Simple answer: ask the course provider to send you a brochure and then you’ll see the differences. The moment I saw the brochure from PI, the subjects, the way the course was laid-out and especially the team of experts behind the course, I knew that this was the right course for me.

Of course you have other benefits like easy payment options, studying at your own pace and mostly – the support of a tutor 24/7, and now you have the full picture of what’s on offer. You can’t go wrong.

I’m very happy with my choice and I would recommend this course to anyone - it doesn’t matter at what level they are at. The knowledge accumulated during the course, the tips and tricks are second to none and for this I have to say a big 'Thank You' to everyone involved.

I am an amateur Photographer, photography is just a hobby but after this course I can see a huge improvement in my shots. The course also gave me confidence in trying to do more than just remain at an amateur level...



Nora Gahan

Gorey Co. Wexford

I had been doing photography for about 18 months when I started The Photography Institute course. Up to then I had sold some landscape photos and had done some craft fairs, but I had reached a point in my photography where I felt restricted and knew I needed to know more to further my career. My friend found The Photography Institute through Google. While I was unsure an online course would work for me, I signed up.

I found from the first module of this online course worked very well. The modules were detailed and easy to follow. On the rare occasion I did need to ask a question, I emailed student support or my tutor for clarification.

I cannot speak highly enough about my tutor. I emailed him on a couple of occasions asking some questions and he replied right away with an easy to follow answer and put me straight. My assignments were marked within hours of submission, giving me precise and detailed feedback. I also found the tone of the communication on all occasions friendly and very supportive.

Student support was also very helpful and, as with my tutor, student support replied right away with a very helpful response each time. I also found the PI Facebook page a great help. The connection to other students from all over the world was very supportive, helpful and interesting.

Through the course I was made aware of so much about photography, it made me work and learn things that I would never have learned on a “need to know basis”. The course covered everything from the technical to the business side.

I have gained a huge amount of confidence and am now in control of my camera in any given situation. I am looking at images in a very different way, from magazines to exhibitions.

Since I completed the course I have photographed my first wedding and I have been commissioned to photograph landscapes, family portraits, christenings and graduation portraits.

I have gained so much knowledge in the whole area of photography and becoming a professional Photographer. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about their photography or who wants to take their photography to a higher level and become professional.

Thank you all so much...

Alfredo Encallado


For a long time I was looking for a photography course that would suit me, it has been my dream to at least study and finish a photography course at my own pace and in my own time, without the hassle of a classroom set-up. One day while browsing my facebook account, I noticed an ad about PI, at first I was hesitant to click open the site, I'm thinking, ah, this is one of those courses that runs a very basic photography course that you can eventually compare to the YouTube tutorials available. The next day, I again opened my FB account, searched for Landscape Photography and found a personal account of a well known photographer, on his page there was a link about the PI course online... I said to myself, this is it, the real deal...immediately, I opened the site and was so happy with what I read about the course and its testimonials.

I decided quickly then to take the PI course. I'll tell you, from the very first Module down to the last, I learned so much from how to process a photograph to setting up a business! This course is very compact and practical.

My tutor, the well known Mr. Stephen Power, was very helpful in many ways, he was awesome! The pace suited me, and the course was fluid! I personally would recommend this course to anyone...

I have gathered an arsenal of photography knowledge, and most of all, enjoyed my time here in PI, you guys rock!

A million thanks!...

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